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Sketching for a poster that was proving problematic. It’s coming on a bit now. Getting there. #sketches #guymckinley

Bit of colour/detail from that Beard Marine drawing I posted last week. Its all finished, but the shows not until October so this is all if can post for now. #guymckinley #printedmatter

Playing catch up on a few things now I’m back in my studio. One Beard Marine in stasis ready for colour. #sketches #guymckinley #wip

Still up to my nuts in dust with house renovation. In between brewing up for the trades I managed to pull the beardy spaceman who is transfixed by this mysterious orb out my think meat and on the page. Feel rusty though.

Still bogged down with prep for the new Kitchen. Managed to grab a bit of sketchbook time though. New character Mary Agnes.

Bit of cityscape on a job I’m working on that I think came out lovely. #guymckinley #artists #illustration

Always like the two extremes of Batman. Either really stocky, or really skinny. Fatter version here. #sketches #guymckinley #warmup #batman

Playing around with some foliage I’ve just drawn. Saving them all separately as assets to save time with colour in the future. #guymckinley

Sketching with @fkatwigs in mind. She’s a mesmerising presence. I’d recommend checking out her ethereal tunes.

If Peter Lorre played Darth Vader. #sketches #guymckinley #starwars

@guymckinley: After some IG heckles from @GillBiddle & @dmrkerrigan she’s turned out like @JanelleMonae no bad thing. My risoprint her #guymckinley #printedmatter

Now that was fun. Female Quiff Gang member. Quickly done A3 with china pencil. #sketches #guymckinley

Can’t stop drawing this guy and other like him. Quiffs a-go-go. #sketches #guymckinley

So here is my newest release print, its a risograph print of the great Deap Vally,  they are printed on 280gsm stock and limited to 40 copies.

£20 each and all signed/numbered on the reverse as the print works both ways. The idea was taken from the fact there are two of them and that their logo is a broken heart, so I thought that a playing card style design would work. The Queens of broken hearts.

So take your pick of either Lindsey to Julie to adorn your walls. 

It makes up part of a print show of artists appearing at the tramlines​ music festival in Sheffield and the opening is on the 26th of July 2-4 pm at Millennium Gallery

All prints made by the delightful Mono.

Thanks to Tom Newell and Drew Millward, for one inviting me to take part, two for organising it all and three because they are ruddy good blokes. 

Sunglasses lady. #guymckinley #sketches

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